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Berlin's one and only dance-specialist music publisher, focussing exclusively on the global needs of Berlin's techno and house community


Herman founded Musiqware in 2006.
After moving to Berlin in 2017, he teamed up with Annika.

Herman comes from an IT background, specialising in process analysis and data management. For the past 14 years he has been using those skills to analyse how the complicated web of societies system is supposed to work. He noticed how it fails to work for electronic music producers, and, having been passionate about electronic music since the 1980ies, developed tools and procedures to make it work better for them.

Herman Verkade

Annika's background is on the other side: She has deep knowledge of the creative side of the electronic music business, because she used to play around on the decks herself. Since Herman took her on board as Artist Relations Manager, she is combining her experience from more traditional businesses with her passion for music to help our artists.

Annika Müller
Artist Relations


It's complicated

We love what we do

The unique fact about us is that we are a publishing company that purely focuses on electronic music artists - We love electronic music, and we want to make a difference. 

The broken system

You need our help, because the royalty collecting system is very complex and very broken. Or, at least, totally not designed for the way electronic music works its way around the globe.


Let us navigate you

We can't fix all the problems, but we can certainly make a lot more money flow through the system to our artists, while we focus on helping them through this jungle in any possbile way. 

Be part of our community

We are well connected in the scene and have reliable networks on the business side as well as on the creative side. We are a member of the Association For Electronic Music, and active participants in Berlin's nightlife. 

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