About Us

Musiqware is a leading global independent music rights administration company, based in the UK but with a global vision and footprint.

We represent hundreds of artists and labels from around the globe. Our clients' combined repertoire consists of more than 6,000 musical works and over 15,000 recordings.

We work directly with collecting societies in numerous territories, with digital stores and services of all sizes, and with a number of auxiliary companies that provide the glue to improve the flow of metadata across all the music business ecosystems, resulting in significantly improved royalty collections for our clients.

Musiqware is the brainchild of Herman Verkade, a highly-experienced software engineer, who designed and built Musiqube, our unique and advanced repertoire management system. At Musiqube's core is a giant database, with a complex workflow consisting of hundreds of (mostly-)automated tasks to collect, process and distribute metadata, music files, and sales/royalty information.

Musiqube is constantly being enhanced, because new companies and services emerge all the time. We analyse what they do, how (or whether) their services could improve royalty streams for our clients. We then partner with them, and add the necessary tasks to our workflow system, for the benefit of all existing and future clients.